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How does it work?

Select your favorite product, write us your address and we will ship the EAT-Box to your door! You will receive a selection of local food and a letter with tips to enjoy the experience and the guided tasting at its best! Once you got the EAT-Box we will organize for you the Live Tour together with farmers!


Do you ship in the States? 

Yes, we ship in the States, wine included! Currently, we only do not ship spirits in the States. 

How many people will attend the Virtual Guided Tasting?

You can join up to 4/6 participants!

What makes EATales different? 

Except for the fact that you’re meeting some of the best producers and makers live in Italy, you’ll also get to taste their products.
This is a fully immersive experience that people are already loving! Check out some of our reviews!


Can I get these products where I live?

Unless you live in Italy, it probably won’t be easy or cheap.
With the EATales box, you’re getting it straight from the producer at local prices.
That’s what makes this project doable. Not only do you get the product, you also get their time.

Can I give this as a gift?

Absolutely! Not only is this the perfect gift to send a friend, it’s also great as a shared experience.
Invite a few friends and family to join you in the live tour and tasting :) we’d love to meet you.

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